Retro-Scope is a web-based archive dedicated to the preservation, celebration, and sharing of New Hope, Pa’s LGBTA community history past and present. It is a product of New Hope Celebrates, funded by grants, public and private contributions. NHC is a non profit organization.

Here, anyone can see and share memories, stories, photos, memorabilia, and more! Together we are establishing our LGBTA history and preserving it forever. We invite you to peruse the collection and delight in seeing the riches of what we, as a diverse community, have been blessed: the dazzling parties, fantastic performers, beloved places and unforgettable friends. Feel proud of the artists and change-makers that came before us, those that paved the way for the freedom which we enjoy today. Plus check out the map of memorable locations—some gone but not forgotten–that have been important to our LGBT community— now on Retro-Scope preserved for all time.


We hope that the gems at Retro-Scope will inspire you to keep celebrating diversity, creativity and openness, the very things that make New Hope, Pa so special. They may bring a tear to your eye, a sweet smile of remembrance and they will most certainly give you something to feel proud about. Be a part of our history by contributing your personal collection!

Connie Hillman - Stands with our newest installation now located at the New Hope & Solbury Public Library, This public Kiosk gives everyone access to Retro-Scope.

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At The Library

Pop-UP Exhibit

NHC’s Pop Up Exhibit features a look at New Hope’s rich LGBTA history. It’s a community based project which will rely on individual contributions of both content and funds. And while Retro-Scope is still in its infancy it shows amazing promise.












Form August 1st  - October 30th located at 34 South Main Street, in downtown New Hope, Pa.

How the exhibit and the website come to life...

The goal of our Pop-Up LGBTA Community History Exhibit is multi-faceted: Share what we have already gathered, engage the community and its visitors, open a conversation to gain interest in folks sharing their stories and personal images from the past and present. Here are a few of the collections we will feature Change Makers and Local legends, Political Campaigns, Remember Me, Our Ally’s, Artists & Musicians and of course Hangout’s – New Hope’s favorite places past and present that have shaped our community. We invite everyone to stop by and visit our Exhibit located at 34 South Main St. New Hope, Pa. We will be here until October 30th 2016. This exhibit is for all to share in the spirit of unity and equality.








Many folks may not remember but it was only 10-15 years ago when it was taboo to take photos at gay establishments for fear of outing someone. We’ve come a long way in such a short time. Now with everyone grasping their mobile smart phone it seems that we are losing that personal social interaction that we once cherished so dearly.


Well if you can’t beat um join um! Retro-Scope is planning a complete responsive re-design of our current site so everyone can view and upload their photos, stories, events and more - posting right from the palms of their hands. And to think that not too long ago Polaroid was the wave of the future, and you had to wait a few minutes to see your photos (pics) revealed, then send it in the mail to share it with your friends and family. Many of our younger gen pop may not realize how times have changed in such a short period of time.



"Our vision for the space is to create a physical representation of how we see our online digital archive taking shape, to engage people, start conversations and share what our remarkable community has to share."
said Gordon Pulaski, Creative Director for NHC.

What exactly is
Retro-Scope anyway?

Snapshots sideshow from our digital

This collection of photos, articles and Items features 395 images currently in the RS archive. We are updating the user interface so you will be able to navigate the site with ease.

September - Back to the 80's

Retro-Scope remembers the 80's

Remembering some of our local legends.

October 1st - 31st

New hope Celebrates LGBT History Month with a special exhibit at 34th South Main

Exhibit Now Closed.

More about New Hope Celebrates LGBT
History Archive will be available early 2018

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