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New Hope Celebrates has re-organized our governing Board. We are expanding the Board, bringing new members on, and planning for the future. New Hope Celebrates mission is still the same - “New Hope Celebrates brings people together to share in a celebration of our history, diversity and the inclusiveness of our community.”


Executive Board:

President - Matt Hanson

Vice Presidents - Armando Martinez & Roger Green

Treasurer - Ryan Fuller

Secretary - Kevin Galownia


General Board:

Creative & Marketing Director - Gordon Pulaski

Events Coordinator - Bari Buiso

Director of Leadership Development - Sharon Fronabarger

General Board Member - Trisha Dasch

 Volunteer Coordinator - Michael Scott

Director of Business and Community Development - Nick Borden

Director of Public and Government Outreach - Kari Osmond

General Board Member – Vacant


History Project - Director of Retro-Scope - Daniel Brooks


2018 Pride Committee:

Chair - Matt Hanson

Parade Coordinator - Jenn Wohl

Assistant Parade Coordinator -  TBD

Pride Fair & Vendor Coordinator - Gordon Pulaski

Pride Fair Entertainment Coordinator - Trisha Dasch & Bari Buiso

Fundraising & Business Development - TBD

Volunteer Coordinator - Michael Scott

Best Cocktail Contest Coordinator - Erica Zimmerman



Matt Hanson, Vice President

Joined the team in August of 2016

Matthew grew up in Hunterdon County and came to New Hope as a young adult to hang out and discover himself. He always felt welcome and celebrated in New Hope so he joined the Board in 2016 to continue that celebratory and diverse feeling in the New Hope area. He has expertise and experience with organization, management, social media and fundraising.  
He is excited to grow and expand New Hope Celebrates.


Matthew has been in the banking industry for 12+ years and currently works as a Vice President for Police and Fire Federal Credit Union. He lives in Lambertville, NJ and loves to bike along the canal during his free time - when he’s not enjoying the restaurants and bars in Lambertville and New Hope.



Roger Green, Business Development

Roger joined NHC in 2015 as a board member, He also chairs our Business Development Team. He has lived and worked in

the community for twelve years and is a Past President of the Greater New Hope Chamber of Commerce.


Roger founded Roger Green and Associates, Inc. (RG+A) in 1991 and serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. Over the past 25 years, RG+A has designed and championed marketing research methods and modeling tools that promote greater understanding of what drives value in healthcare markets. He was the primary developer of Dynamic Practice Simulation®, the first system for simulating patient treatment in future markets, and founded Health Payer Council, the first on-line marketing research community for US health insurers.


Roger is a past President of the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG) and has sat on editorial boards and industry roundtables, written numerous articles for industry publications and lectured widely at prominent universities. He is the 2008 recipient of the R.R. Fordyce Award, an honor bestowed upon leaders in the marketing research industry dedicated to the betterment of the profession.


Roger moved RG+A to its current location in Union Square in 2004. He and his wife, Enid McDonough,
have been residents of the Waterworks since 2008.



Armando Martinez

Armando has been on the NHC Board since 2014 he has been instrumental in coordinating many of our LGBT Events such as Pride and the High Heel Drag Race. Armando has served on the New Hope Chamber of Commerce and is currently on the Board of FACT Bucks County. Hes is General Manage at The Raven.



Bari Buiso

New Board Member joined the team in August of 2016



Anthony Artur

New Board Member joined the team in August of 2016



Gordon Pulaski, Creative Director

has been working with New Hope Celebrates since since 2009, a resident of New Hope, Gordon studied
communication design at New York's Parsons School of Design. Gordon designs digital graphics for a wide

verity of organizations as well working for the LGBT marketing and tourism group in Key West and Montana.

He is a master at brand building and creating exciting marketing solutions and social media campaigns.
Gordon's studio offers Mac based solutions using the latest Adobe products and services offered in the creative
cloud. Creative Cloud Suite: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse, to name a few. Websites created with
MUSE by Adobe and hosting solutions with Adobe Business Catalyst offer a wide range of capabilities to suite your needs.




Sharon Fronabarger, Equality Ambassador

Has been with NHC since 2002 and served as NHC President from 2013 – 2016 Sharon has been a great asset
to our organization and her commitment to the community is second to none. We applaud her hard work and
continued commitment.


Upon her recent departure from the NHC Board as President, in September of 2016 she has agreed to
continue and support to NHC and the community as our first ever Equality Ambassador.


Sharon Fronabarger is currently the Director, Global Equal Opportunity Compliance Officer at Johnson & Johnson and is responsible for leading the company's EEO and affirmative action programs.  Her creativity and holistic view of business has enabled her to capitalize on her strategic and analytical strengths to develop unique solutions and process improvements that have been implemented across J&J.  Prior to joining J&J, Sharon was an HR Manager at Bloomberg supporting the HRIS and Immigration functions.


Since moving to New Hope over 20 years ago, Sharon has made it a point to be involved throughout the local community and can often be found around town supporting our local businesses and events.  She is also known for her spectacular Holiday display at the corner of Stoney Hill and Aquetong Roads.   When not working, Sharon enjoys traveling with her gnome, Pocket and enjoying various bacon treats.




Daniel Brooks, NHC Founder

Daniel Brooks is owner of the Wishing Well Guest house in New Hope. A decade ago he formed New Hope Celebrates
{ NHC } when he saw a need for an all-volunteer LGBT marketing organization that would serve the community by the propagation of promoting tourism of New Hope and the surrounding areas.


Daniel is the founder and president of New Hope Celebrates and owner of the Wishing Well Guest house in New Hope.
A decade ago he formed NHC when he saw a need for an all-volunteer LGBT marketing organization that would serve the community by the propagation of promoting tourism of New Hope and the surrounding areas.


In the ten years of it's existence, NHC has grown in popularity, attendance and revenue stimulation for the local merchants. With the annual New Hope Celebrates Pride festival as the cornerstone of annual tourism and fund raising events, NHC has also presented such acclaimed events as New Hope Celebrates Film (LGBT independent film festival,) New Hope Celebrates Talent (featuring local performers,) New Hope Idol (a contest for local talented teens,) the Main Street NHC Fashion Show, and many national entertainers--among them Jimmy James, Sam Harris, Leslie Gore, Varla Jean Merman, Randy Roberts, Hedda Lettuce, Lady Bunny, Josh Zuckerman, Christine Havrilla, Christine Martucci, Kristine W, the Flyboys of Houston, the DC Cowboys, the Glamazons, the late David Gurland, and many more.


Additionally NHC has produced countless smaller events featuring local entertainers and have donated funds to Fighting
Aids Continuously Together (FACT,) The Rainbow Room of Bucks County, The William Way Center, the Trevor Project, Philadelphia Fight and more. Last year they contributed funds to begin a Gay-Straight Alliance at the local high school.


Brooks attributes the success of New Hope Celebrates---which won the 2012  Bucks County Landmark Towns "Best
Multi-Event" award and whose all-town encompassing parade has been marshaled twice by Pa. former Governor Edward Rendell and twice by US Congressman Patrick Murphy as well as featured on "CBS News on LOGO"- to the caliber,
dedication and diverse talent of it's membership.


His "day job" is as licensed psychoanalyst holding a masters degree from Fordham University and he is a two time graduate
of the renowned National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP,)both in New York City. Currently he is a staff
psychotherapist for NIP, the Metropolitan Center for Mental Health and Identity House as well as maintaining a
private practice in Manhattan's Columbus Circle and in Park Slope, Brooklyn. He is also a part time staffer for
Newscorp, owners of the New York Post and is working on authoring professional literature



Matt Hanson


Bari Buiso
Board Member

Roger Green
Board Member

Armando Martinez
Board Member

Sharon Fronabarger
Equality Ambassador

Anthony Artur

Board Member

Gordon Pulaski

Creative Director / Consultant

Daniel Brooks
NHC Founder

Director of Our LGBT History Project

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